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Hard Quiz Board Game

Hard Quiz

Create a family board game version of ABC TV's Hard Quiz, one of Australia's most popular TV Game Shows.
Sort it Out board game with TOTY award

Sorts and Sort it Out!

The Multi-award winning Sort it Out (or Sorts) board games. Winner of the USA Game of the Year (TOTY awards) in 2010 and distributed worldwide by University Games.
Gestaltix Improvement 123 kit developed by Wildstone PKG

Improvement 123

Transform a large number of training and lesson materials into high quality sellable kits.
Test Match Card Game

Test Match Cricket Card Game

Create an innovative compact card and dice game to support the famous Test Match brand. See if you can incorporate the box!
Compatibility board game - created by Wildstone PKG

Compatibility Board Game

The one that started it all! Compatibility board game (12 countries and 5 languages worldwide, 500000 copies sold)
The Wiggles

The Wiggles Puzzles and Games

Design a range of cardboard and wooden puzzles and games for famous The Wiggles brand.

CCS Cards

We are the creators of the world renown CCS Cards — image cards used for facilitation, coaching and self-discovery.
Deal Or No Deal

Deal Or No Deal games

Transform a TV guessing game show into a fun family board game. More than 600,000 copies sold!
Mars Lab programs developed by Wildstone PKG

The Mars Lab

Brought into this multi‑million dollar federally funded project specifically to ‘productise’ and ‘gamify’ the learning programs for MAAS Mars Lab.
Cars 2 grand prix board game - created by Wildstone PKG

Cars 2: World Grand Prix board game

Working alongside Disney, we adapted all the fun and craziness of the movie into a family friendly board game.

In an interview for University Games, Craig shares why he became a games inventor, what he looks for in a great game, tips for getting a game on the market, and how to play Sort it Out!

Craig Browne with pile of games he has created.

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